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Room 06 – Venky

The renovation for this room was completed in 2015. The floor is antique grey marble, and the room has a unique wood and looking glass panelling spanning two walls. The energy of the room provides a more "masculine" counterpart to Room 7 – Nata on the same floor on the other side: the lines are strong and perpendicular, the lampshades are square and minimalist, and the custom designed bedcover and pillowcovers are a combination of matt grey with pinstripes and silver. The washbasin is black marble from a local stone art dealer and the tap a minimalist Italian design. The bathroom combines the wood panelling and grey natural stone from the interiors before leading to a contrasting cream marble shower room complete with a rain shower, glass door, and toiletries.

The name of Room 6 is Venky. He is the character who inspired the design, and it was built in his image. He is a half Madurese and half Irish full-of-life, always on-the-go, New York-dwelling, ultra-connected freelance writer. He is a faux intellectual and likes to dabble in "serious" topics such as feminism and the environment but he actually earns most of his commissions from light travel pieces and has been known to mix drinks when times have been tight. He is in Ubud because he loves the art and the bohemian vibe, but don't expect him to stick around for long; the tagline of the room – "Can I call you back?" – embodies this transience.