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Room 05 – Draupadi

This room was renovated in 2014. The interiors are inspired by the figure of Draupadi from the Hindu epic, the Mahabharata. She is the princess of Panchala, so the room is rich in flowing purple fabrics with gold brocades, decorative woodcarvings, and a cream marble floor. In Hindu mythology, her husband Yudhistira loses her in  a bet to his arch-enemies, the Kauravas, who then bring her to their palace and attempt to disrobe her. When they pull at her sari, Draupadi turns her eyes to the heavens and prays to the Lord Krishna, asking him to save her from the ordeal. Lord Krishna hears her prayer, and as the Kauravas tug at the sari cloth, and pull it from her body, to their amazement more of it appears. The more they pull, the more cloth appears. The curtains in the room, from the red window curtain with a brilliant red brocade to the peach divider before the bathroom, provide a similar sense of overflowing fabrics. The stonecarving feature outside the window depicts the miracle of Krishna.