Gayatri Bungalows was opened in 1996 by I Ketut Bagia Astawa as a sister site of the original Gayatri losmen (homestay), which is no longer operational but in the eighties and early nineties provided travellers with a friendly and affordable place to stay on Monkey Forest Road. Tucked away on a little lane leading to a nearby river, Gayatri Bungalows, or Gayatri 2 as it was then known, started off as a guesthouse with five rooms built in the same traditional Balinese architectural style as the original Gayatri family compound – red brick and carved paras stone on the walls, red and gold painted woodcarved doors and windows, and ceramic terracotta rooftiles – with the added bonuses of more peace and quiet and a ricefield view.

In 1998, two new buildings were completed, which added a further seven rooms to the room total. In 2004, we completed work on our beautiful round-edged swimming pool, and in 2005 opened six more rooms with large balconies facing the swimming pool. Since then one of the old rooms has been converted into an office and one into a kitchen, meaning that we now have sixteen rooms open to guests.

In 2013, the owner and founder of Gayatri Bungalows passed away and was succeeded by his son, Bagus Ari Saputra. A year later we started renovating our existing rooms, starting with the old Standard Rooms. Six rooms have now been completely renovated, from the floortiles through the furniture and lamps to the ceilings. At the core of our design concept is uniqueness and intimacy – each room is a stand-alone room, with its own blend of colours, custom-designed fabrics, and design vision. The idea is eventually to be a boutique style small hotel, with all of the modern conveniences that you could wish for but delivering that in an authentic Balinese setting and with the sort of quaint charm and personal touch that no big business can possess.

We are located in the very centre of Ubud and are within short walking distance (ten minutes) of all of the most importants sites in Ubud, whether it be The Holy Monkey Forest Sanctuary, Ubud Market or Ubud Palace. However, as we are on a small lane off Monkey Forest Road, we are sheltered from the bustle and noise of the street to the extent that first time visitors can be very surprised to find a peaceful oasis with rice fields, coconut trees, and a garden boasting a wide variety of plants and flowers open up before them having only just stepped away from a street teeming with shops, restaurants, and fellow travellers.