Independence Day Party!

Friday 17 August 2018, 12 to 5 pm

Indonesian Independence Day Party

Admission: Rp 200,000 for adults, Rp 100,000 for children (6-11 years)

Come to celebrate the 73rd anniversary of Indonesia's proclamation of independence by attending our party of food, culture, and fun! There will be the traditional panjat pinang (greasy pole climbing with prizes for anyone who makes it to the top), a speech about how Indonesia ended up an independent country in 1945, live symphonies from a gamelan orchestra, dance performances from a local gamelan troupe, and singing by an Indonesian singer yet to be announced. The centrepiece of the event will be a banquet for kings in the Indonesian style: suckling pig, chicken satay in peanut sauce, yellow rice, beef in rendang sauce, mie goreng, tofu in coconut curry, a selection of sambals, and much more besides. If you are in Indonesia for this independence day, now you know where to spend it. Thank you, you say? You are most welcome.

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